Summertime Safety


Summertime in the Midwest is no stranger to warm temperatures. So far this year we’ve already had 3 days in the 90s. Today I would expect us to add another day to that total.

With that, a few things to remember when the air temp starts to rise. Make sure to always check the backseat of your car, leaving children or pets in the car can be very dangerous if not fatal.

Car temperatures can rise 20º in as little as 15 minutes and 50º with in an hour.

Along with cars getting hot quickly, walking the dog when there is a lot of sunshine can be dangerous to their paws.

Burns can occur at about 120º, and permanent damage can happen at 140º. With enough sunshine concrete and blacktop can heat up quickly.

With summer here, make sure to take a moment and look after your pets.

For more information check out the National Weather Service’s summertime heat safety tips.

NWS Heat Index
NWS Heat, Autos, and Safety

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