Over the past few weeks, we’ve picked up a good amount of rain here in the Quad Cities and across the Midwest! For the month of April, we’ve managed to stay anywhere from a half-inch up to an inch of rain above normal!

The plethora of rain over the past month has meant we’ve seen nonstop improvement in our drought conditions! Our last drought monitor story came out on April 7th showing the improvement from mid-March through the very beginning of April. You can check that story out here if you’d like!

Below is a look at the improvement over the past 3 weeks here in the Quad Cities.

With our drought conditions improving we are also seeing our year-to-date rain totals returning to close to normal! This is promising seeing that we’ve passed our average last freeze date a few days ago and with rain totals returning to average things are looking up for the planting season that is just around the corner!