Potential to see Northern Lights in the Quad Cities this week

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Thursday Afternoon Update
Yesterday The Space Weather Prediction Center showed data suggesting the peak for the northern lights shifted about 12 hours. Hitting the upper latitudes during the middle of the day for us in North America. There is still the low chance you’ll see them this evening but with clouds expected to move in through the night, being able to see these will be rather low.

Again, if there is any sightings we’d love to see any pictures or if we hear of any reports we’ll be sure to let you know!


After a strong solar storm this week there’s a (slim) chance we see the Northern Lights Wednesday night in the Quad Cities!

The Space Weather Prediction Center is closely monitoring the potential to see the aurora as far South as areas around the Quad Cities.

This is the result of a solar flare produced Wednesday that is heading toward the Earth.

The exact timing and storm intensity are hard to predict, but Wednesday night should be the best chance we’ve had to see the aurora in quite some time.

We’ve had a lot of clouds lately but skies should be clear for most of Wednesday night.

As always, any chance of seeing the great, natural display is very low…but if you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, stay tuned this could be the time it happens!

There’s really no set best time to look up. As far as the direction to look? Yes, to the North. And the best chances come when you are from away from city lights (N of Quad Cities.) If we hear of anyone seeing the aurora, we will post about it IMMEDIATELY!

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