Weekend snow totals lighter than expected

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We picked up the Friday night rain and ice as expected to start the weekend. Then, the heavy snow fizzled out!

Snow totals were mostly in the 1-2″ range around our area.

We’ve now had 16.2″ of snow this season, which is a couple inches above normal as of January 12th.

Why the lighter totals? The second wave of energy proved to be weaker than computer models expected.

Also, for heavy snow we need good moisture in something known as the dendritic growth zone (DGZ.) The DGZ is the part of the atmosphere that has a temp between -10 and -20 (Celsius.) The models were initially forecasting this. But then as the “storm” rolled through that was not the case. That led to not as many snowflakes, and snowflakes that do not accumulate as quickly!

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