Weekend temp drop


Cloud cover will remain overhead today keeping temps cool, but sunny and warmer weather will be here again!

As the jet stream pushes north again we will see a warming trend going into the weekend. Tomorrow’s highs will be just shy of the 50s but will be significantly sunnier.

Things get even better for Halloween, as highs will be in the 60s and upper 50s. Not the warmest it’s ever been but certainly warmer than it has been in recent years. The warmest it’s been for a Halloween was 85º, which happened back in 1950.

But the Saturday heat will not stay for long. November 1st highs will fall to the low 40s as strong northerly winds bring much cooler and drier air into the area.

A rebound will be underway for Monday and the work week, sunshine and a northerly trend of the jet stream will bring above normal temperatures back to the QCA.

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