What’s with the Saharan dust?


Saharan dust over the western Atlantic, courtesy
Twitter, @Astro_Doug

If you haven’t already seen the pictures splashed across social media, there are in fact a couple waves of African dust moving across the ocean toward the U.S. this week.

Dust blowing off the Sahara Desert isn’t actually that unusual.

Areas of these particles periodically drift off of Africa and are carried west by the trade winds, eventually getting swept up through the Gulf of Mexico into the southern U.S.

These particular dust plumes are just more dense than normal.

The dust is forecast to spread over much of the Gulf Coast and the South by this weekend. Reduced air quality is possible in that part of the country.

Here in the QCA, we’ll likely just see a bit of haziness to our skies and perhaps some more color in our sunrises & sunsets due to the extra particles in the atmosphere.

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