Will there be snow by Christmas?


Chances of seeing snow on the ground as of the past few days has been increasing, but it is still a low chance.

Temperatures of the ground and the air have been above freezing and will continue to be this week. Meaning the current snow on the ground is bound to melt away.

This leaves us with one chance to see snow by the 25 of December, almost coming in last minute.

Both of the global models as well as regional models have started to pick up on a low pressure system moving to our north Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning. Both models show rain preceding any snow chances. Wednesday morning will see high temperatures in the mid 40s. The cold front associated with this system will drop temperatures quickly, a near 30º drop in 12 hours. Depending on how soon temperatures get closer to freezing, the sooner snow can occur.

This is the GFS model, the global “American” model. This one in particular start the rain much earlier in the morning, showing the switch to snow briefly around noon. Leaving the last half of the day much drier.

This is the “Euro” or ECMWF, the European global model. This model shows the rain starting closer to noon, with a transition to snow around dinner time. It also shows us in the snowy region of this system longer, and with more amounts of snow.
Snow total forecasts this far out should not be trusted, but chances of snow should be something worth noting for now.

Along with this, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has talked about our chances of snow much like what the ECMWF is showing. Another thing worth noting, our last snow system on the 12th, the ECMWF had the better layout, timing, and amounts of what we saw ended up seeing. What does this mean for this system, honestly not a whole lot, but it has proven to preform better most recently. Something our team will be keeping a close eye on!

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