Since Monday temperatures have been quite nice for us in the Quad Cities! Sadly, as we close out the week temperatures will be going in the opposite direction for us. The large low-pressure system that brought severe weather to western and central Iowa yesterday will now drop temps and make for a very windy day tomorrow.

This was within the last 12 hours alone. After starting today off in the upper 60s we have certainly felt the cold air rush in behind this system.

Sadly, we will continue to a cooler trend as we finish out this week.

Because of this dramatic change in the air mass, both temperatures and dry air winds will be increased a lot. Winds tomorrow will be upwards of 15 to 25 mph sustained and gusts as high as 55 mph.

Because of this high wind warnings and wind advisories have been issued all across the upper midwest.

With winds being so strong out of the West this will make for difficult travel, especially on North-South roads. Strong crosswinds will make travel incredibly difficult for large profile vehicles like semis or trailers.