The spooky season is upon us here in the QCA, with plenty of parades, family events and trick-or-treating opportunities, but have you chosen your costume yet? What are the most chilling choices and fangtastic finery out there for Halloween?

The team at All Home Connections wanted to know, so they carved out some time to find the costumes Americans are searching for most. Referencing Google’s top Halloween costume list from 2020 and other trending costumes, they analyzed current Google Trends data. The results might surprise you.

In the Land of Lincoln, the popularity of ‘Hocus Pocus’ and its sequel may have played a role, and Illinois’ most-searched costume is a Halloween staple, a witch. In the Hawkeye State, costume-hunters definitely took a moment to “paws” when they found Iowa’s disguise of choice, a cat. The other states’ top-searched Halloween costumes are here.

Here are some freaky facts that came out of the study:

🎃 The classic cat costume is the most googled Halloween in the most states, with 12 states searching for it most.
🎃 Eleven states searched for witch costumes the most.
🎃 Vampire is the most searched costume in the third most states, perhaps due to the resurgence in popularity of ‘Twilight.’
🎃 Disney has influenced several states this year, with Buzz Lightyear- and Encanto-inspired costumes being searched most in six and five states, respectively.
🎃 Mississippi and Nevada searched for Elvis Presley costumes the most, possibly motivated by the recent biopic about the singer.
🎃 ‘Game of Thrones’ has made its mark, as Jon Snow is the most searched Halloween costume in Alabama and Oklahoma.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Did your costume make the list?