October 10 is election day in Scott County.

Voters have until 8:00 p.m. to get their votes in. Five races are on the ballot:

City of Davenport Mayor

  • Yvonne M. Collins
  • Ken Croken
  • Mike Matson
  • Brandon Westmoreland

City of Davenport 2nd Ward Alderman

  • Tim Dunn
  • Judith Lee
  • John Paustian

City of Davenport 3rd Ward Alderman

  • Don Hesseltine
  • Marion Meginnis
  • Todd Allen Pirck
  • DeWayne L. Simons
  • Paul T. Vasquez

City of Davenport 4th Ward Alderman

  • Jade Burkholder
  • Robby Ortiz
  • Caleb Arthur Shelbourn

City of Davenport 7th Ward Alderman

  • Derek Cornette
  • Mhisho Lynch
  • William Pamperin
  • Scott Ryder

To view a sample ballot, click here.

For more information about Scott County elections, click here.